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How to Choose Good Internet Fax Services

Internet fax services let you send and receive an amount of faxes for a monthly fee. These services are very convenient, because you don't have to install any type of software to make use of online faxing, and at the same time you can access to them from anywhere in the World! But is is important that we learn how to pick good Internet fax services to take advantage of the technology.

What to look for in an Internet Fax Service?

Okay, the first step is to have some factors to evaluate when it comes to choosing good Internet fax services. In a nutshell you should review:

Ease of Use
Integration into our programs
Amount of allowed faxes to send and receive
Price they charge per additional fax.

Reviewing Faxing Services without Spending Money

Most of the best Internet fax software services, offer a 30 day free trial. This is the perfect time to test for all the before mentioned factors. Spay special attention to the ease of use and support. These are essential factors if you are just starting out in the World of Internet faxing.

Test, how much time your faxes take to reach the destination. If the page of the site is too slow, or it takes forever to charge, you may have a problem. Remember that these Internet fax services need to be fast.

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New Innovative Marketing Ideas: What Are They

Before examining how you can go about familiarizing yourself with innovative Internet marketing ideas, it might be best to focus on exactly what they are. Internet marketing is in a way like advertisements. When marketing your business, you need to advertise to the general public what your business is and how it can help them.

Internet marketing is marketing that is done online. What is nice about Internet marketing is that you don't even have to run an online business to benefit from Internet marketing. Even if you have a storefront location, Internet marketing can still help you get the customers and clients that your business needs to survive. Innovative is another word that is used to describe new. Therefore, innovate Internet marketing ideas are new ideas.

Online Sales Training: Cool Resource Tools For Online Marketing

Cool Resource Tools For Online Sales Training

If you are anything like me, you have probably invested more time and money into learning about online sales training and creating a successful online business than you care to admit.

You have signed up for a variety of programs and downloaded tools to help you get the job done. Unfortunately as the weeks went by, you became confused and less inspired.

Online Sales Training Can Be Frustrating

Well over the course of my online business journey, I have found many cool tools that are fun, interesting, and useful.

The great thing about most of the cool tool resources is many are free. They are not always free, but most are free tools to use and then, if and when you want to, you can upgrade to a paid version or a paid membership.

Many times I have found the free versions to be absolutely perfect for the job I wanted to accomplish.

Building an online business does take time, energy, and money. Online sales training is designed to guide you past the obstacles, introduce you to useful tools, and mentor you in building your business.

Affiliate Tracking Software, Which One

To make money, many online business owners are making the decision to create their own affiliate program. An affiliate program connects business owners with website publishers, who are often referred to as affiliates. With an affiliate program, an affiliate is compensated each time they use their website to generate a sale for their affiliate partner, the business in question. This partnership has helped to increase the revenue of many businesses and it can do the same for your business.

If you are interested in starting your own affiliate program, there is something important that you will need to obtain. That item is affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking software is used to monitor and keep track of businesses affiliates, whether there is only one participating affiliate or thousands of them. The information that a tracking software program will record outlines how each customer made its way to your website. If they were directed to your online store or website and made a purchase via one of your affiliates, the tracking software will make note of that sale, including the amount of it. This information is vital when it comes to time to pay your affiliates all of the money they have earned.

3 Things To Help You Look Professional On The Internet

Nothing will dampen your internet sales quicker than a website (or emails) that say and look "unprofessional." Among the items you shouldn't do are:

    Do not use free websites. This is a given. You must have your own domain name(s) and hosting. Besides branding yourself, these things won't break the bank, but are a must!
    Do not use free blogging services. Using a free blogging service right a way says "newbie". It is also a good way to lost control of your own material. Most free blogging services terms say that anything posted on their sites are owned by them - not you. So your blogging service could shut down (or shut down just your site) and use your materials as their own and there isn't anything you could do about it.
    Don't barrage a subscriber/customer with a ton of emails in one day. And believe me, this has happened. I will unsubscribe to those marketers that send me emails all day everyday. Also, don't send me every single email you ever wrote. The common number of contact times between marketers and when a subscriber becomes a customer is seven times. Just make sure those seven emails don't go out in the same hour or same day. When you first make contact send one email seven days in a row. Make one just about yourself and sound down to earth. The rest of the emails could be an e-course or about a product you are promoting. After that send an email out anywhere from 2 - 4 times a week. I think that once a day is too many. So many people get so much email they are apt to delete your email without even looking at it - and that's one thing you don't want.

In the end if you're unprofessional in your dealings with subscribers/customers they will stay away. So make sure everything you do or send out says "professional" all over it.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Laptop Care to Avoid Laptop Repairs

When a laptop is not properly taken care of, there are several things that can go wrong, leading you to need laptop repairs. By keeping a few tips in mind, you can properly take care of your new laptop. With proper care, you will not have to worry about losing all of your important documents or pictures. If you are going off to school, then you no doubt bought your laptop with the intentions that it would last you for all four years of school. Since most schools require you to have a laptop nowadays, keeping yours in top condition is important. If something does happen to your laptop, however, there are laptop repair options available. There are services that offer laptop repairs and screen repairs, as well, and many of these options are affordable.
If your laptop breaks down and you take it to where you bought it, chances are that they are going to try to talk you into purchasing a new one. On the other hand, if you take it to someone that knows how to repair laptops, this can save you a lot of hard earned money. There are, however, problems with laptops that are not easily fixed. Your first order of business is to protect your laptop as much as possible from actions that could cause it harm. For instance, keeping it in a laptop case is a very good idea when your computer is not in use. If the laptop gets dropped or something were to be dropped on it, then it is at least a bit more protected, especially if you have purchased a hard case for your laptop.
Many people nowadays purchase screen protectors for their cellphones, and these are even available for laptops. These are handy if you do not want to have to carry your laptop in a case all the time. This will at least protect your screen from damage. Also, if you are not using the computer, be sure to close the lid to avoid damage in that respect, as well.
It may not always be comfortable to sit behind a desk to write a paper or to take notes on your laptop, so many college students sit on their beds to do homework. While this may be more comfortable, it is very bad for your laptop as it needs air to breathe. If you prefer sitting on your bed to do your work, there are fans that you can purchase that will help keep your computer running cool so as not to overheat it. These fans are not bulky and they are powered by the power within your laptop.
It is always good to keep food and drinks away from your computer when you can. If you have access, it is also a good idea to install virus protection software, as well. If you normally use your laptop to watch videos or movies, chances are that you also eat around your laptop which can be devastating if something spills. Take the precaution to take care of your computer as best you can and it will last you for many years of great service. When you are ready for a new computer, you can take your old one to a place that will recycle laptops.

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The Intrinsic Value Of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has emerged as one of the most essential components of online enterprises and internet marketing. The best SEO Companies understand perfectly the business of search engine optimization and offers internet marketing services that all online businesses require.
These services include the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns, content management and article writing, link building and web design, social media marketing, research and analysis.
The best SEO Companies are knowledgeable that today's technology-savvy entrepreneurs depend on them to help grow the business. These experts can implement effective strategies that will benefit emerging business organizations through the best SEO services. Making use of search engine optimization provides start-up businesses with tools that can ensure optimal rankings for their websites.
With affordable website solutions, small and medium-sized companies can make use of limited budget and still enjoy maximum web exposure. The demand for the best SEO services for has increased further with the entry of the internet in the business environment.

An Overview of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics may be the approach to while using the latest understanding of science with computer sciences to gather, evaluate and provide proofs for the criminal or civil courts. Network administrator and maintenance staff administer and manage systems and understanding systems must have complete understanding. Forensics may be the technique which deals to discover evidence and recouping the information. Evidence features a fit condition for example finger marks, DNA test or complete files on computer hard disks etc. The consistency and standardization it across courts isn't recognized strongly as it is new discipline.

Life Alert Systems: Valuable Technology For Elderly Adults

The life alert system is fast becoming a more essential technology for the future of senior citizens.
This system is amazing because it will know instantly if an elderly individual has fallen or met an accident. It is capable of monitoring similar conditions as well. At present, leading technology firms are engaged in continuous research and experiments to uncover more features and enhance capabilities of emergency medical alert systems. However, there are difficult challenges that these companies are facing. For one, robotics, monitoring and tracking devices as well as apparatus do not easily recognize the normal attitudes and actions of people. For technology to become aware of these subtle changes in human lives, a brand new level of development must be achieved in manufacturing and evaluating the emergency alert systems.
The long-standing target of industry players is to conceive more advanced strategies for calculation and conventional configuration, filtering, trending, adaptive modelling, and pattern identification. This would help caregivers a lot because of the safety procedures and the fact that it gives them peace of mind knowing that their wards are properly secured if accidents do happen. If the life alert system is a foolproof device, then there are lesser things to worry about.

PCI Compliance In 10 Minutes A Day - Using File Integrity and Log File Monitoring Effectively

PCI Compliance Is Hard for Everyone!
In some respects, it can be argued that, the less IT 'stuff' an organization has, the fewer resources are going to be needed to run it all. However, with PCI compliance there are still always 12 Requirements and 650 sub-requirements in the PCI DSS to cover, regardless of whether you are a trillion dollar multinational or a local theatre company.
The principles of good security remain the same for both ends of the scale - you can only identify security threats if you know what business-as-usual, regular running looks like.
Establishing this baseline understanding will take time - 8 to 24 weeks in fact, because you are going to need a sufficiently wide perspective of what 'regular' looks like - and so we strongly advocate a baby-steps approach to PCI for all organizations, but especially those with smaller IT teams.
There is a strong argument that doing the basics well first, then expanding the scope of security measures is much more likely to succeed and be effective than trying to do everything at once and in a hurry. Even if this means PCI Compliance will take months to implement, this is a better strategy than implementing an unsupportable and too-broad a range of measures. Better to work at a pace that you can cope with than to go too fast and go into overload.
This is the five step program recommended, although it actually has merit for any size of organization.
PCI Compliance in 10 Minutes per Day
1. Classify your 'in scope of PCI' estate
You first need to understand where cardholder data resides. When we talk about cardholder data 'residing' this is deliberately different to the more usual term of cardholder data 'storage'. Card data passing through a PC, even it is encrypted and immediately transferred elsewhere for processing or storage, has still been 'stored' on that PC. You also need to include devices that share the same network as card data storing devices.
Now classify your device groups. For the example of Center Theatre Group, they have six core servers that process bookings. They also have around 25 PCs being used for Box Office functions. There are then around 125 other PCs being used for Admin and general business tasks.
So we would define 'PCI Server', 'Box Office PC' and 'General PC' classes. Firewall devices are also a key class, but other network devices can be grouped together and left to a later phase. Remember - this isn't cutting corners and sweeping dirt under the carpet, but a pragmatic approach to doing the most important basics well first, or in other words, taking the long view on PCI Compliance.

Successful IT Infrastructure Convergence For Healthcare Sector Through Managed Network Services

Healthcare industry is associated with intricate communication systems, life safety and monitoring applications such as fire alarms, nurse call systems and doctor paging systems that require dedicated infrastructures for operation due to their life safety implications. As a result of which, management and maintenance of such systems becomes a big hassle. What could serve to be the biggest solution other than a managed network services provider? Let your applications be in control of a managed network services provider, while you can concentrate on providing better healthcare to your patients.
Evolution of technology has lead to great enhancements to the clinical systems for smooth and efficient healthcare delivery processes, including picture archiving and communications systems, computer-based doctor order entry systems, real-time locating systems, clinical decision-support systems, interactive patient entertainment services, electronic medical records systems and patient management systems. All these systems are managed individually by the corresponding providers or sometimes the internal IT and network management teams. Think how convenient it will be when you see the entire set of applications and systems running on a single platform, while having one point of contact for each and every concern you might have.
A managed network services provider handles everything including the bandwidth consumption, avoiding downtime of applications, installation & troubleshooting the applications, updating & upgrading the applications and everything else associated with your organization to run a smooth operations cycle. A managed network services provider provides an IP-based Ethernet network with optimal performance for IT infrastructure convergence, while providing an integrated platform for real time monitoring and control of data, voice, video and other multimedia applications. As a result of integrated platform by a managed network provider, a healthcare organization can not only enjoy smooth operations but also a standard based industry compliant platform that facilitates the integration of new patient care applications making the entire system highly scalable.

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Identifying Mule Accounts

When there is fraud then there is mule account; in fact it is the more important than botnets or phishing methods because what will hackers do with the banking credentials they have if they cannot use them. It is an important part in fraud and fraudsters will look for ways just to recruit and also control the mules.
Today, mule recruitment is carried out in the internet by using scam. Fraudsters will send a false email about job searches saying that the victim's resume was reviewed and that they are suitable to work at home. Due to the fact that the economy is rough and it is an opportunity, victims will take the bait. In the next e-mail exchanges, victim will sign fake paperwork and receive instruction for his assignment. Sometimes mules will be told to accept funds from the compromised accounts, reshipping of goods that are bought using other person's credit card or even receiving the money.
Soon the fraudsters stumbled upon a problem, when potential recruits are asking about the company website. To fix the problem, fraudsters even built their own website as the front of their activities and candidates can view the site and see the vacancies. They made it look like a legit company by listing current employees and their jobs; details about their work and others.
Online mule recruitment has changed the way fraudsters operate because they don't need a physical presence in that country so that they can recruit potential mules. Since he is doing his recruitment online, he can further increase the number of mules to increase his profit. It has become a challenge for many law enforcement agencies and incident response teams of industries because the mules thought that they have legit jobs. Sometimes, even mules become victims as well.
Sometimes there are places where online recruitment may become a problem, thus fraudsters will still recruit mules in real world. Sometimes, these mules can be accomplices who know that they are working with fraudsters and they can open multiple banking accounts. Another type of mule is what police call as the vacation or tourist mules; mules who are flown to different country and opens accounts in certain banks for their operation.
Somehow it is difficult for banks to stop a mule in opening a banking account because mules can be like any other regular person who is trying to open a bank account. However, it is still possible to identify a potential mule and stop them before they make any wrong mistakes that they will regret. Since mules can either be accomplices who are trained liar or unwitting victims who are too willing to make money. Identifying the first one can be difficult but the second one is not.
Identifying unwitting mules can be very easy by asking simple question before they can open bank accounts. It is the same as security screening found in airports, where weird sets of questions are asked; questions that are not designed for liars but for certain individuals who were duped and place into a particular situation.
For example bank employees will ask the individual whether someone else told him or her to open a banking account in this bank; or asking if opening this particular bank account is related into a particular job offer he or she received on the internet or even in the real life. Or any other questions that would raise an alarm for the bank, but it doesn't mean that the employee can truly assess if that person is a potential mule or not. In fact the answers will be recorded and opening the bank account will be put on hold until further results from the investigations made by the incident handling or security team is available.
Basically, banks do not need to perform additional special training for their employees, a simple information campaign regarding new procedures will do. Customer education is really not that important at all, but it won't hurt the bank if they will try like giving away fliers or posting ads that explains the danger of mule scams would help. Instead, banking clients and the public will appreciate the information given by banks and can help deter frauds in recruiting more mules.

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New MacBook Pro Review

It is true that lots of the new MacBook Pro review speaks highly of the new series. The new series has high-speed due to the Intel core I5 dual processor. The high-speed of 2.53GHZ make sure that you can well for your applications in a faster and more efficient way. The excellent Turbo Boost can maximize the speed for using multiple applications and at the same time reduce the power consumption to preserve battery life. It's owns 4GB DDR3 RAM and a hard drive of the 500 GB storage. It's eight times DVD/CD drive can ensure enough document room and make it possible to playing DVD and CD at the same time. Its inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet enables faster wired net working. Besides all of these, two USB 2.0 ports, built-in iSight camera, FireWire, Digital card slot, Wi-Fi used for wireless Bluetooth, and the 15 inch backlit LCD screen of high-resolution make the new MacBook Pro an amazing product.
Just the same as the MacBook pro review says, this laptop has high quality of video as well as all the other Apple products thanks to the Intel HD Graphics processor and Geforce GT300. The NVIDIA GT300 has automatic graphic switches to change between the optimal performances with the supporting from a Graphics memory of 256MB. Along with the widescreen of 15 inch, MacBook pro can create a real home theatre for you. Different graphic cards of this great laptop can work on different workload. The NVIDA works for heavy graphic processing workloads and the Intel HD graphics works for the light part.
MacBook pro review talks a lot about the powerful Mac OS X. this Snow Leopard operating system can offer the fastest processing speed and friendly feelings for users. One other thing that needs to be mentioned is the long battery life of this laptop. It can works for users for as long as 5 years. For one charge, it can last up to eight hours for general usage. A considerate feature of battery is that it is built-in without adding too much extra weight or thickness to the computer. The battery can hold 80% of its original capacity even after ten thousand times of charges.

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How To Deal With Google Panda

Google's Panda impact has led tonnes of websites either rank or tank. It underscores that "the highest quality contents" should get their due prizes while "the lowest quality contents" should suffer the Panda wrath. Websites with 'the lowest quality contents' can save themselves from the Panda ire if they replace their copy-contents with the original ones, or else they should keep themselves ready to pale into insignificance against the surge of the Google Panda. Google has hundreds of quality-controlling mechanisms. Among them, its Panda seems to be one of the most merciless systems that neutralizes the copy-contents. As a result, affiliate sites appear to get affected badly. The Panda impact can affect 20 to 80 percent of websites overall. It can cause miserable dips of search visibility for a large chunk of websites across the Google search engine.
However, this impact is limited to those websites which have infringed the copyright terms and conditions by copying contents from others and overlapping the same or similar topics with marginally different keyword variations. Allegedly, the Panda swipe cannot sometimes distinguish the original websites from the duplicate ones and that results in poor traffic performance of the original websites. Despite this allegation, Google claims that Panda considers original contents and gives ranks duly to them. Also, it values for the unique design, original content and good navigational speed of the web pages, among others. If Panda finds that web contents are meeting its parameters perfectly, it will give proper ratings to them. As a result, the flow of the web traffic to those web pages will swell automatically.

Digital Evidence and Legal Proceedings

When it comes to submitting digital evidence for use in a trial, the same levels of care need to be applied as with non-digital evidence.
Crime is a part of human life and, for a crime to be resolved, investigators have to reconstruct the crime scene and analyse the actions of both the suspect and the victim so that any evidence can be identified and used to support and legal proceedings.
As technology has evolved, criminals are now able to use new methods to commit traditional crimes and develop new types of crimes. Crimes committed through the use of technology still require the same principles of investigation, though the scene can now be a virtual environment that must be secured and examined as digital evidence.
Digital evidence is information or data of an evidential value that is stored on or transmitted by a computer or digital device and can be defined as follows:
'Any data stored or transmitted using a computer that support or refute a theory of how an offense occurred or that address critical elements of the offense such as intent or alibi' (Casey, E., Dunne, R. (2004) Digital Evidence and Computer Crime Forensic Science, Computers and the Internet. St. Louis: Academic Press).
A wider array of devices are capable of holding larger amounts of data and digital evidence can be found on an increasing number of types of storage media, including, computer hard drives, mobile phones and removable media such as memory cards.
As an expert witness and Digital Forensic Consultant I am finding that digital evidence is becoming more prevalent within a wider range of both criminal and civil cases including murder, unlawful images, child care cases, commercial and employment disputes. These cases can require the examination of evidence to determine whether it had been used to commit or facilitate a crime as well as to identify supportive material for either side of a legal case.
In order for digital evidence to be admissible in court a number of criteria must be met, including, ensuring that the evidence has not been altered and that an auditable trail has been kept relating to the storage and investigation of the evidential device or media. The key points of the handling and investigation of digital evidence is provided as follows:
Actions taken to secure and collect digital evidence should not affect the integrity of that evidence;
Persons conducting an examination of digital evidence should be trained for that purpose;
Activity relating to the seizure, examination, storage, or transfer of digital evidence should be documented, preserved, and available for review.
(U.S. Department of Justice (2004) Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement, Washington).
The nature of digital devices therefore makes them particularly susceptible to damage or corruption. Due to the constant requirement for devices to be physically smaller in size yet bigger in capacity, the components become ever smaller and more delicate, therefore, even storing the devices in an unsuitable environment can cause the corruption and loss of some or all of the data present.
Therefore, to ensure its integrity, a 'chain of custody' relating to the evidence should be established. This usually amounts to a paper trail detailing the whereabouts of all evidential sources during custody, along with the details of individuals having access to it, when and any actions taken with it. This, along with a comparison and review of the digital media itself should allow for the acceptance by an independent examiner that a given item of media has not been corrupted or compromised following seizure.

Working With Creo, The New 3D CAD Software

Creo is a 3D CAD solution made by Parametric Technology Corporation. The software program, which runs on Windows operating systems, combines advanced modeling and drafting techniques plus other tools needed for mechanical engineering in 3D. It was previously known as Pro Engineer and was created by Doctor Samuel Geisberg.
Creo is a good time saver tool for designers. It combines multiple applications like parametric, 3D CAD, CAID and CAM. It produces excellent designs that are up to standards and creative. It also allows data sharing among other applications which improves the speed of data translations, error checking and error corrections.
Creo contains several stand alone applications. These include the 'parametric', which is a standard design application which helps to address challenges in the design. There is 'direct', which helps to simplify and increase the speed of designing or defeaturing and editing.
Thirdly, there is the 'schematic'. It transfers the 2D schematics to the 3D cabling and piping, automatically reducing possible errors. There is a simulation that understands and converts the 3D designs. It translates them into digital images and assists in their testing.
In addition, there is a view Mcad. This application helps to view and visualize the design insights unlike the manual system which involves many people who have to think it through and discuss it. The Ecad on the other hand, makes you visualize PCB types of designs separately or together with the whole product design.
The illustration provides a good environment which is needed for rich 3D technical illustrations whose purpose is communicating major products and actions plainly and graphically. The sketch is a 2D application that assists users to sketch their ideas. They can add other effects to communicate their ideas, like color for example.
Finally there is a layout which is a 2D application that helps to leverage the excellent 2D and 3D worlds in the design process. All these applications are combined in the Creo software. They help improve the speed and accuracy of product designs.

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Best Ways to Secure Your Notebook

Your Notebook comprises of your entire personal and professional data and hence, it is more than necessary to protect it from getting in the hands of hackers online or from thieves in the real world. Hence, it is high time to pull up your socks and find solace in a foolproof solution that could protect your most important gadget everywhere and at any cost.
Categorizing security measure
The distinct ways that you adopt can be broadly classified into two categories, i.e.
- Protection of your laptop/notebook from Real theft
- Protecting it from the hackers that could steal your digital data
Let us discuss them one after another.
Protection of your laptop/notebook from theft
- Use lengthy passwords: This strategy could work actively in your cause. Using strong passwords that contains at least one digit, alphanumeric character and special character apart from the regular alphabets would be considerable. Make sure not to use your date of birth, the name of your family members or friends as the password, it can be decrypted easily.
- Avoid using bags: It is an open invitation for people with negative intensions to carry a laptop bag. It is better if you can replace it with some safer option such as suitcase or padded briefcase.
- Encrypt your data: If unfortunately your notebook gets into the hands of wrong people, file encryption could save you from intensifying the damage further. This is also helpful if you are lending the notebook to someone else for few hours or days. With perfection encryption strategy, those with unscrupulous intentions can not decrypt your data despite of persistent attempts.
- Do not take it to public place: You can forget your notebook while keeping on he floor or on a chair while you are in public place such as a ticket counter or a restaurant. Hence, until it is a very important cause that compels you to take your gadget outside, avoid doing so.
- Use a security device: Attaching your notebook/laptop with a security device such as cable or chain and tying it with a heavy object in the room could prevent your machine from being stolen in your absence.
Protecting your laptop/notebook from hackers online
- Activate firewall: While you are rising your Wi-fi network, turning the firewall is highly recommended. You never know how many fellows are there, waiting for your open your laptop so that they may steal your sensitive data.
- Block unwanted connections: If you are using a hotspot connection then before moving further, make sure to block all the useless connections that appear in your computer. All the operating systems provide efficient ways to perform such a task comfortably.
- For extra safety, use secure website connections: While opening a website, if you use https instead of http, it assures added security to your data. Websites such as Yahoo Mail, and Gmail allow you to use this facility and there are many more as well.
- Unshare folders: Leaving the options of shared folders open could be dangerous if you are using your notebook somewhere other than home. It is not acceptable if someone checks out pictures or video files without your permission, hence it is better to unshared those folders each time you are out.
- Use VPNs: This is perhaps one of the strongest methods to secure your data online. It works on a specialised tunneling mechanism and protects your identity over the internet. Moreover, it also provides you with an IP address of a separate location that keeps you totally anonymous until the time you are online. This not only hides you from prying eyes but also enables you access blocked website.

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The Dangers of the Online World

To most people, a computer could not be described as Dangerous. We use them on a daily basis to type letters, perhaps browse the Internet, play games or store holiday photos. However, for some, data contained on a computer or mobile phone can provide enough evidence to form the basis of legal proceedings against them.
As a computer forensic specialist I am currently involved in criminal and civil cases involving an array of different subjects, including corporate data theft and espionage, murder, drugs, fraud, theft, employee misbehaviour, child access applications and even probate. These are not just legal cases either; for example, I regularly receive instructions relating to marriage disputes that involve computers and digital media.
Increased media attention over the past ten years in cases such as those within Operation Ore (relating to 7,000 individuals who allegedly subscribed to websites displaying sexual images of children) and more recently, terrorism and 'happy slapping' incidents, have provoked a greater public interest in proceedings where digital evidence has formed a crucial part of the case.
Not only is there now a greater general awareness of the capabilities of digital evidence and its potential within legal cases, additionally, reports of websites containing indecent images of children are also continually rising each year (The Internet Watch Foundation reports that the number of websites confirmed as containing unlawful material has increased by 62% over the last three years). It would, therefore, appear that the use of this type of evidence is set to continue to rise.
Increasing resources are now being spent on examining data of this type as part of legal cases where previously it was thought unnecessary. In the past it was commonplace for a Police investigator to restrict an investigation to simply identifying 'evidence'. Upon inspection of this investigation by an independent party, as part of a more in-depth review, it was frequent for the evidence as a whole to have been misinterpreted and the case against the Defendant was not as it first appeared.
Over recent years, the majority of criminal cases for which we received instructions have attracted greater attention from the Police. We now frequently encounter cases involving supportive evidence (such as user and/or Internet history) as well as the basic evidence that is relied upon as part of the Prosecution case. However, it seems inevitable that an increase in the number of cases limits what can be achieved within a Police Force's Hi-Tech Crime Unit. Even today we identify the presence of new and previously unconsidered relevant material within approximately 80% of the cases in which we are involved.

Fingerprint Identification System - A Primer

Fingerprint identification is considered to be an effective method of identification because no two persons have the same finger prints. This method of identifying individuals has been around for a long time, but the introduction of fingerprint identification software has really made it one of the best identification systems.
The software is widely available these days, so many companies and individuals are implementing it. In an office, it can help in identifying employees, partners and customers in a quick and easy way. In a personal setting, it could be used in a home. The technology is already being used in laptops.
The working of a fingerprint identification system can be divided into two steps. First it scans the fingerprint of the person. This is achieved with the help of a scanning machine that captures the image of the finger. There are a variety of scanners available in the market, such as the Crossmatch Verifier 300 and SecuGen Hamster IV, with different features. For example, the Hamster IV does not need to be promoted for scanning the finger - it automatically activities itself when a finger is placed on the sensor. The second step is the actual print identification. This involves matching of the scanned fingerprint with enrolled prints.
There are two ways of obtaining a biometric identification tool for fingerprints - one can build it on their own with the help of a software development kit (SDK) or purchase an already built system. Of course, the choice depends on available expertise, budget and time.
There are number of qualities that are desirable in the case of fingerprint Identification software. The first and foremost is, of course, accuracy. Software that provide the greatest accuracy, provide the greatest security. Accuracy can be affected by the condition of the finger. For example, scarred fingers are more difficult to scan. Another factor is speed. Identification should be fast, so that it causes as less interruption in work as possible.
Personalization is also a desirable option. When purchasing a fingerprint identification system, one should always check the personalization options. These options enable the user to adapt the software to their needs. The option of a picture along with the name of the identified person is also a good option to have.
Biometric identification is very helpful in maintaining security as it analyzes characteristics that cannot be easily stolen. Fingerprint identification software are a great application of this technology for both personal and business use.

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7 Key Factors To Get The Most Leverage From Managed IT Services

Managed services could be merely classified as a component of your company that's outsourced to a 3rd party company to handle the extra workload. Managed IT services possess the most dependable IT solutions to all range of businesses. There is a potential risk tough if you do a chose a wrong one for your business. To avoid unprofessional managed IT services make sure that they fulfill following criterions.
  1. Abilities:When you outsource your projects towards the organization their own abilities become your abilities. This becomes your obligation to check on the ability of the service-provider and decide whether it is adequate for your business needs.

Choosing the Right Open Source Mail Server - The Strength of Postfix Vs Sendmail

When we consider the suitable Open Source Mail Server for a business organisation, it depends on many factors. Below are some factors that you might need include in your studies:
  • A good track of security records
  • Good performance under high load
  • Hardware requirement
  • Flexible to interact with databases in many formats
  • Compatible to many SMTP variants in use
  • Easy to customized
  • Quality 3rd party plugins available
  • Quality documentation is available
  • Communities Support
Similar to Qmail MTA, Postfix is created by a modular design (similar to Qmail) rather than a monolithic design (such as Sendmail). This make Postfix to have various advantages or strength compared to Sendmail.
Below are some of reasons why some Email administrator prefer Postfix than other MTA system:

iPad Skin Benefits

Skins are used for many reasons and one of the greatest features of having a skin is how it protects your iPad. There are many different features of an iPad skin, like protection, customization, interchangeable, and that great new look. One of the more beneficial features of these skins are how well it protects your device from scratches, scuffs, dents, and even from water. Skins are like a type of sticker, that goes on the back of your device with any design you choose, remember they are customizable, and they act as a protective case while creating a new fashionable look for your device. These skins have a laminated seal that prevents water damage from happening and the skin covers the entire back of the iPad and repels it from getting destroying the device. Say your device is sitting on the table and someone spills a drink and it gets under your iPad. With a skin, there is no need to worry about it getting damage when you have a skin since the spilt drink will just wipe right off the electronic and keep the device from any damages.

How To Keep Up To Date On Computers And Technology With Articles

Reading articles online, written by people who know what they are talking about, is perhaps the best way to stay up to date on any subject, especially computers and new technology.

With computer components getting faster and more demanding everyday, it's a wonder that anybody ever has an up to date computer. And technology as a whole is moving at such incredible speeds, every day is literally the most advanced human beings have ever been.

So with this in mind, you probably wonder how you can stay completely up to date on it all, while still learning about current technology. The fact is, basically in the field of technology you have to learn and practice at the same time.

How to Find Great Articles on Computers

The Evolution of Technology - The History of Computers

While computers are now an important part of the lives of human beings, there was a time where computers did not exist. Knowing the history of computers and how much progression has been made can help you understand just how complicated and innovative the creation of computers really is.

Unlike most devices, the computer is one of the few inventions that does not have one specific inventor. Throughout the development of the computer, many people have added their creations to the list required to make a computer work. Some of the inventions have been different types of computers, and some of them were parts required to allow computers to be developed further.

The Beginning

Perhaps the most significant date in the history of computers is the year 1936. It was in this year that the first "computer" was developed. It was created by Konrad Zuse and dubbed the Z1 Computer. This computer stands as the first as it was the first system to be fully programmable. There were devices prior to this, but none had the computing power that sets it apart from other electronics.

It wasn't until 1942 that any business saw profit and opportunity in computers. This first company was called ABC computers, owned and operated by John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. Two years later, the Harvard Mark I computer was developed, furthering the science of computing.

Over the course of the next few years, inventors all over the world began to search more into the study of computers, and how to improve upon them. Those next ten years say the introduction of the transistor, which would become a vital part of the inner workings of the computer, the ENIAC 1 computer, as well as many other types of systems. The ENIAC 1 is perhaps one of the most interesting, as it required 20,000 vacuum tubes to operate. It was a massive machine, and started the revolution to build smaller and faster computers.

The age of computers was forever altered by the introduction of International Business Machines, or IBM, into the computing industry in 1953. This company, over the course of computer history, has been a major player in the development of new systems and servers for public and private use. This introduction brought about the first real signs of competition within computing history, which helped to spur faster and better development of computers. Their first contribution was the IBM 701 EDPM Computer.

A Programming Language Evolves

A year later, the first successful high level programming language was created. This was a programming language not written in 'assembly' or binary, which are considered very low level languages. FORTRAN was written so that more people could begin to program computers easily.

Microsoft Plans New Music Service for Xbox and Windows Phones

Microsoft is eyeing to provide music service in its Xbox Live platform. A report by CNET showed the technology giant is trying to find ways together with several major record labels to come up with an application that would offer similar service to Spotify, MOG, Pandora, Rdio and some other streaming music subscriptions.

This new plan by Microsoft came after its initial failed bid to win customers who like music through Zune Music Pass.

It is safe to bet Microsoft would provide an Xbox Live name to this planned new service instead of resurrecting the Zune brand. The new application would launch on the Xbox 360, upcoming revisions of the Windows operating system, and Windows smartphones. CNET's sources did not confirm the details how exactly the service will be delivered and how much the music industry would get paid from subscription fees of the service. Microsoft simply provided a rough outline of the service that includes streaming music and downloads.

Best Ways To Protect Your Data Online And Offline

The online world grows stronger and stronger with each passing year. Keeping your data safe both online and offline requires vigilance. Just as there are always improvements being made to enhance the way people do business online, there are people knowledgeable enough to abuse that technology for purposes of identity theft and other forms of cyber terrorism. If you really want to make the online experience the best that it can be now and in the long term, then you need to consider the following best ways to protect data, both online and off.

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