Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3 Things To Help You Look Professional On The Internet

Nothing will dampen your internet sales quicker than a website (or emails) that say and look "unprofessional." Among the items you shouldn't do are:

    Do not use free websites. This is a given. You must have your own domain name(s) and hosting. Besides branding yourself, these things won't break the bank, but are a must!
    Do not use free blogging services. Using a free blogging service right a way says "newbie". It is also a good way to lost control of your own material. Most free blogging services terms say that anything posted on their sites are owned by them - not you. So your blogging service could shut down (or shut down just your site) and use your materials as their own and there isn't anything you could do about it.
    Don't barrage a subscriber/customer with a ton of emails in one day. And believe me, this has happened. I will unsubscribe to those marketers that send me emails all day everyday. Also, don't send me every single email you ever wrote. The common number of contact times between marketers and when a subscriber becomes a customer is seven times. Just make sure those seven emails don't go out in the same hour or same day. When you first make contact send one email seven days in a row. Make one just about yourself and sound down to earth. The rest of the emails could be an e-course or about a product you are promoting. After that send an email out anywhere from 2 - 4 times a week. I think that once a day is too many. So many people get so much email they are apt to delete your email without even looking at it - and that's one thing you don't want.

In the end if you're unprofessional in your dealings with subscribers/customers they will stay away. So make sure everything you do or send out says "professional" all over it.

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